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Flexicurity in times of crisis

CSDLE M. D'Antona Dossier n. 13/2009

The economic and financial crisis has influenced the recent developments of the Community social policies. In the climate of great changes induced by the global recession and by the consequent repercussions in the short and in the middle term on the occupation, there is a new focus on the strategy of European flexicurity. Flexicurity, in other terms, is not only anymore considered by the Institutions as a “recipe” of modernization, but even as a “care” to give to the European labour markets to answer to the new needs and, in the meantime, to bring a suitable social protection to the workers who have lost their job and to the workers who are under risk. This work is not only an attempt to update the Dossier Flexicurity. Posti di lavoro più numerosi e migliori grazie alla flessibilità e alla sicurezza (Dossier C.S.D.L.E. 10/2008), but also to keep the perspective above described and to show the new function that the ambitious strategies of flexicurity are called to perform in the actual context. To facilitate the reading process, the documents have been included in the English language and accompanied by the respective translations in the Italian language if available.

author(s): Massimiani, Clemente
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