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3280th Council meeting Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs

17546/13 - PRESSE 555 - PR CO 65

The Council agreed a general approach on the enforcement directive on the posting of workers.
The President of the Council Ms Algimanta Pabedinskiene said: "it is a very important agreement that will bring benefits to all member states regardless of whether they are a hosting or a sending state. This directive will help improve the protection of the rights of posted workers and will prevent possible abuse and fraud. It will also contribute to fair competition and equal conditions. The agreement reached today by the Council will enable it to start negotiations with the European Parliament immediately and seek an agreement before the end of the current legislature."
The Council also reached a general approach on a decision enhancing cooperation between public employment services.
It took stock of initiatives fostering youth employment, notably the Youth guarantee and the Youth employment initiative.
The Council held an exchange of views on the European Semester 2014 in the field of employment and social policy.
Ministers took stock of progress reports on a directive improving the gender balance among nonexecutive directors of companies listed on stock exchanges and related measures and on a directive on equal treatment. The Council also adopted conclusions on "the effectiveness of institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women and gender equality".
The Council adopted a recommendation on effective Roma integration measures in the member states.

author(s): Council of the European Union
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