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3357th Council meeting Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs

16803/14 - PRESSE 643 - PR CO 69

Youth employment
The Council, together with the ministers of education from Italy, Latvia and Luxembourg (Trio of presidencies), had an exchange views on how to invest in youth, discussing matters including the youth guarantee, education and skills. The President of the Council, Giuliano Poletti, said: “Improving synergies between education and employment policies is crucial to tackle youth unemployment. To facilitate this integrated approach, the Italian Presidency has organized, for the first time, a back-to-back meeting of the EPSCO and the Education Council. I am glad that Commissioner Navracsics and the Trio ministers of Education 
joined us today to discuss the best ways to help our young generations and invest in their education and skills.” 

The Council reached a general approach on the EURES (European employment services) network regulation on which minister Poletti stated: “Today we complied with the call by the European Council for turning the EURES Portal into a true European placement and recruitment tool and I am glad that such an ambitious step was taken under the Italian Presidency. Labour mobility within the EU is an important factor to tackle unemployment, especially youth unemployment.” 

Women on company boards 
The Council discussed the women on company boards directive. It was not able to reach a general approach. Minister Poletti said: “Enhancing women's participation in economic decision-making is essential to promote equality between women and men in our societies and would be beneficial to our economies. We have been working hard during these six months to unlock negotiations on the proposed directive for improving the gender balance on company boards and we are now closer to an agreement. Building on our progress I am confident that the Council will be able to move forward with this important dossier.” 

author(s): Council of the EU
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