Building a sustainable job-rich recovery

International Labour Organization (International Institute for Labour Studies) 2011 - ISBN 978-92-9014-984-2 (print) - ISBN 978-92-9014-985-9 (web pdf )

Study  financed by and prepared for the use of the European Union.

The financial and economic crisis of 2008 continues to disrupt global markets. And while global growth in 2009 returned to positive territory the pace of recovery has slowed and a number of acute labour market and social challenges persist.
The European Union is confronted with the multi-faceted task of responding to these immediate pressures while at the same time addressing the labour market and social challenges of the twenty-first century. In this respect it will be critical to ensure that policies evolve accordingly and effectively harness the opportunities presented by a more integrated world economy.
This report is the result of a cooperation project between the Directorate- General for Employment, Social Affairs, and Inclusion of the European Commission and the International Institute for Labour Studies of the ILO. Its purpose is to develop policies that will lead not only to a quicker recovery but also to a more sustainable and equitable global economy. This is particularly relevant given the uneven recovery process across and within countries.

author(s): International Institute for Labour Studies (IILS), European Commission/DG Employment – R. Torres (coord.), M. Charpe, E. Ernst, V. Escudero, B. Ha, S. Khatiwada,S.Tobin (International Institute for Labour Studies), S. Bridji, S. Quadros, F. Swartzman
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