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EU Employment and Social Situation. Quarterly review. December 2012

Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2013  - ISBN 978-92-79-28115-0  - ISSN 1977-8317 - doi: 10.2767/93534

Against the backdrop of persistent difficulties on the labour markets, marked by ever higher unemployment at EU level, and rising divergence across Member States, the number of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the EU now accounts for nearly one-fourth of the EU population. The EU Employment and Social Situation Quarterly Review provides an overview of developments in the European labour market and the social situation in the EU, based on the latest available data. 
According to its latest issue, the number of unemployed in the EU has continued torise over recent months, increasing by 3.5 million (or +15.7 %) since March 2011 and reaching a new high of close to 26.1 million (or 10.7 % of the active population), by November 2012, affecting youth in particular (23.7 %). Unemployment trends remain less favourable in the euro area than in the EU as a whole, while divergence between EU Member States in terms of unemployment rates has continued to widen. EU long-term unemployment continues its by now three-year upward trend.

author(s): European Commission
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