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EU Employment and Social Situation. Quarterly review. June 2013

Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2013  - 978-92-79-30496-5- ISSN 1977-8317 - doi: 10.2767/27681

The employment and social situation in the EU remained critical in the first quarter of 2013 with employment receding overall and unemployment rising further, trends which concentrate in the southern members of the euro area, while households' financial situation remained serious.
The situation of young people remains grave, nearly a quarter of economically active young people in the EU being unemployed. Differences among countries are still substantial though. The sharp fall in young people's employment in some countries partly reflects differences in labour market structures, and in particular the role of temporary contracts. In the context of divergence across the EU, the number of people wanting to move to another country has substantially increased. The Review also notes the importance of quality childcare in mitigating inequalities at an early stage and explores the results of the first wave of the European Central Bank's Household Finance and Consumption Survey.

author(s): European Commission
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