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European Vacancy and Recruitment Report 2012

Luxembourg: Publications Offi ce of the European Union, 2012 - ISBN 978-92-79-27149-6 - doi: 10.2767/85918

The European Vacancy and Recruitment Report is the first of a set of biennial reports to be launched by the European Commission as part of the EU Skills Panorama. The report focuses on changes in the demand for labour, including analyses of contractual arrangements, sector demand, occupation demand, growing occupations, difficult to fill vacancies (bottleneck occupations), skills requirements and the market shares of public employment services and temporary work agencies. The report shows that top bottleneck occupations all over Europe are in health, ICT, engineering, sales and finance.

author(s): European Commission/DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Unit EMPL/C.4
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