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Flexicurity: Actions at Company Level

EF/12/22/EN - Luxembourg: Publications Offi ce of the European Union, 2012 - ISBN 978-92-897-1069-5 - doi:10.2806/35037

The aim of flexicurity is to improve employment opportunities for workers, while at the same time increasing flexibility, enabling organisations to adapt their operations and employment levels to business needs. The past few years have, however, been particularly challenging for European labour markets: the recent financial crisis and recession have had an inevitable negative impact on EU labour markets and unemployment levels. This has called into question the effectiveness of the flexicurity strategy in terms of supporting vulnerable workers. Eurofound research in six EU Member States analysed company initiatives targeting young workers, older workers and women.

author(s): European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions – A. Broughton, I. Biletta, C. Vacas
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