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Impact of interfirm relationships – employment and working conditions

Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2011 - doi: 10.2806/1337 - ISBN 978-92-897-0884-5

During recent decades, various new forms of interfirm relationships have been emerging across national contexts. This study seeks to fill a gap in the research carried out to date on the impact of these relationships on working conditions and employment practices, including human resources management policies. This report draws on 20 case studies and a review of literature to investigate the varied effects of five types of interfirm relationships on employment. These are joint ventures, clusters, public-private partnerships, strategic alliances/networks and virtual company networks. In the current economic climate, developing interfirm relationships is linked with company survival and competitiveness.

author(s): European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions K. P. Hadjivassiliou (Institute for Employment Studies, IES), A. Cox (IES), R. Martin (IES), M. Marchington (European Work and Employment Research Centre, EWERC), M. Sheehan (Brighton Business School, University of Brighton), R. Gloster (IES), E. Pollard (IES), D. Grimshaw (EWERC), J.Rubery (EWERC)
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