Mapping youth transitions in Europe

Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2014 - DOI: 10.2806/51024 – ISBN 978-92-897-1141-8

Young people in Europe continue to experience great difficulties in entering the labour market. Although the youth unemployment rate in a few Member States has started to fall, overall 23% of young European job-seekers aged 15–24 could not find a job in January 2014. In 2012, 14.6 million young people across Europe were not in employment, education or training (NEETs), accounting for 15.9% of the entire population of those aged 15–29. This report analyses the labour market situation of young people in Europe, focusing in particular on their school-to-work transition, while also monitoring their more general transition to adulthood. The report also investigates the ability of young people to remain in employment against the odds during the crisis and charts their transitions from temporary to permanent contracts. The report concludes with a discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of selected policy measures

author(s): European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions – M. Mascherini, A. Ludwinek, C. Vacas, A. Meierkord, (Eurofound), M. Gebel (Mannheim University)
Creative Commons License