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Monthly Labour Market Fact Sheet - July 2011

The the EU average unemployment rate stood at 9.3%, the same level as in April but down 0.4 percentage point (pp) compared to May 2010.The stagnation in May follows a six-month period of consecutive decline. Compared to a year ago, there are 904 000 less unemployed in the EU.The labour market situation for young people in the EU, although it has improved overall, remains depressed and youth unemployment continues to show upward trends in eleven Member States. The youth unemployment rate at EU level, which had not risen since November 2010, stood at 20.4%, down by 0.8 pp in May 2010.Hiring activity remains solid, while the number of hours worked in the temporary agency work sector is nearing pre-crisis levels. On the other hand, the restructuring activity picked up in June, with a clearly negative net impact on jobs.In the current economic context, employment and unemployment expectations remain broadly stable but somewhaxed across sectors and countries. The outlook is still potentially one of persistently high unemployment in some Member States.

author(s): European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs
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