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Monthly Labour Market Fact Sheet – July 2012

This month's Labour Market Factsheet shows that unemployment is expected to worsen further in the coming months.
The current gap in unemployment ratesbetween Member States is particularly significant, as the difference between the lowest unemployment rate (in Austria, 4.1 %) and the highest (in Spain, 24.6 %) is the greatest seen in the past decade. This disparity increases for youth unemployment. The latest figures show that youth unemployment in Greece and Spain was over 50% , whilst it was below 10% in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.
Despite still positive expectations of employers for manufacturing, they expect employment in the service sector and construction to decline. Consumers in 21 EU Member States expect unemployment to worsen in their country in the months to come, especially in the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Cyprus. Consumers remain optimistic about the risk of unemployment in Estonia, Germany and Latvia.

author(s): European Commission/DG Employment and Social Affairs
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