Spain. Growth With Jobs

Studies on Growth with Equity series - International Labour Organization, 2014 – ISBN: 978-92-2-129098-8

The Spanish economy has begun to recover from both the global financial crisis of 2008 and the sovereign debt crisis of 2011 and has made some employment gains. However, the recovery remains both incomplete and fragile. On current trends, it would take at least a decade for the unemployment rate to return to the pre-crises situation. It is therefore crucial to strengthen the employment recovery in order to ensure sustainable economic growth and avoid a further erosion in social conditions. The report points to a number of areas where Government and social partners could take action together to solidify these recent gains and build a new path to more and better jobs.

author(s): International Labour Office/ ILO Research Department – S. Tobin (coord. by), V. Escudero, S. Milasi, C. Pignatti, J. Silvander
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