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Starting Fragile - Gender Differences in the Youth Labour Market

Report  financed by and prepared for the use of the European Commission/DG for Justice
Luxembourg, Publications Office of the European Union, 2013 - ISBN

The current financial and economic crisis has an impact on many citizens in the Ue. One group that is particularly hit are young people, who face increasing difficulties in the transition into work. What makes the socio-economic position of young persons especially fragile is not only the high unemployment and inactivity rate, but also the changing labour market conditions. In this report the impact of the current fragile start of young people in European labour markets is analysed, focusing on their labour market career as well as on their personal lives. The study pays particular attention to gender aspects. Main conclusions:

1) the crisis has worsened the labour market conditions more for young men, but NEET rates remain higher and employment rates lower for young women;

2) early career patterns differ between genders with women falling more often into unsuccessful path than man;

3) a fragile start has a large impact on the opportunity to start an independent life;

4) the need of a greater attention to gender differences in youth policies.

author(s): Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (FGB), Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale (IRS) - J. Plantenga, C. Remery
Creative Commons License