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Economia “informale” e politiche del lavoro: un nuovo inizio?

WP C.S.D.L.E. “Massimo D’Antona”.IT – 337/2017

Il saggio riproduce per gran parte la prefazione ad un volume, curato dallo stesso A. ed in corso di pubblicazione per la casa editrice “Vita e Pensiero” di Milano, con il titolo «Economia “informale” e politiche di trasparenza: una sfida per il mercato del lavoro», che raccoglie gli scritti di A. Bombelli, T. Bussino, W. Chiaromonte, M. Corti, G. Forti, N. Parisi, V. Pinto, A. Rapacciuolo, G. Rotolo, T. Treu

The essay explores Italian legislation that is concerned with repressing informal (or shadow) economy and tries to categorize the hypotheses in which undeclared work is performed, also analyzing the effects that in this case result on the work relationship. The sectors involved are public procurement, the contrast to irregular migrant work and the “enforcement” directive concerning posted workers. The recent institution of a National Labour Inspectorate is examined, as well. The regulatory framework is completed by the European policies and particularly by the Platform to enhance cooperation in tackling undeclared work, which has been launched in May 2016, holding together representatives of labour inspectorates, tax and customs officers, social security institutions, and trade union members. The Author notes that an effective employment policy requires, to find out who really is a jobseeker, that undeclared work finds real contrast thanks to the action of supervisory authorities.

author(s): Ferrante, Vincenzo
keyword(s): working paper , Italy
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