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Flexibility and Security in Temporary Work: A Comparative and European Debate

WP  C.S.D.L.E. "Massimo D'Antona" .INT - 56/2007

The Italian Ministry for University and Research established a program for the internationalisation  of universities in the years 2004-2006.  The program provided funding for research projects bringing together universities and researchers from different countries, both inside and outside the EU. The University of Florence acted as the coordinator of a research project called ‘La dimensione europea ed internazionale del diritto del lavoro: un laboratorio fiorentino di ricerca’, launched by Professor Silvana Sciarra in collaboration with the Universities of Boston, Cambridge, Catania,  Eichstatt Ingolstadt, EUI,  Lyon  II,  Madrid  Complutense,  and Venezia.  The project was approved and financed (prot. II04CA4DF3).  To date, it has given rise to several international collaborations. One of the sub-headings of the project dealt with labour market reforms n Member States of the EU, linked with the European employment strategy.  Following a workshop held at the Law Faculty of the University of Cambridge on 16 an  17 March 2007 entitled ‘Flexibility  and Security in Temporary Work - A Comparative and European Debate’, the topic selected by some members  of the research group as a case  study was ‘Fixed Term Contracts’.  The papers contained in this  document reflect the approach adopted during the workshop.  They focus on certain common legal features of fixed term contracts, but also rely on statistical figures where relevant.  A ‘model paper’ was  circulated in order to acquire homogeneous information from all of the countries involved in this project.  The publication on-line of what should be considered as ‘work in progress’ is meant to stimulate comments and attract interest on a topic which is very central in current European discussions and will constitute the basis of a second stage of future research.

author(s): Caruso, Sebastiano Bruno; Sciarra, Silvana (eds.)
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