I medici specializzandi

WP C.S.D.L.E. “Massimo D’Antona”.IT – 438/2021

Di prossima pubblicazione nel volume, a cura di Boscati e Zilio Grandi, Il lavoro in sanità. Diritti, obblighi, doveri e responsabilità, in corso di pubblicazione.

In the essay, the authors address the main issues related to the figure of trainee specialists, who, while providing activities full-fledged useful to the National Health Service, are qualified as students of Specialization Schools, even if they are part of a specialist training contract (which involves the University, the Region and the doctor in training) whose purpose is constituted, precisely, from the learning of professional skills.
From this qualification it is impossible to apply the discipline of subordinate work, if not for some limited aspects (so, for example, in the matter of working hours).
The essay therefore proposes to offer an answer to some problems that specifically affect the figure, such as those related to theoretical and practical training, to the profiles of responsibility, both towards third parties and in the relationship with the School, and in general to provide a systematic analysis of rights and duties of trainee specialists.

author(s): Pettinelli, Roberto – Picunio, Maria Laura
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