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I nostalgici dell’equivalenza delle mansioni

WP C.S.D.L.E. “Massimo D’Antona”.IT – 310/2016

Di prossima pubblicazione sulla Rivista Italiana di Diritto del Lavoro.

The essay reviews the critical positions of doctrine on the new regulation of tasks changes, introduced by the Article 3 of the Italian Legislative Decree n. 81/2015, which amended Article 2103 of the Italian Civil Code. More particularly, it highlights the underestimation by critical of the rule about the new regulation for the collective autonomy, especially on the horizontal mobility. Also, it emphasises the importance of a dynamic concept of professionalism, by criticizing who is still anchored in a conservative concept of “know-how”, and the significance of the anti-uncertainty rule in the paragraph 1, Article 2103 of the Civil Code. Finally it critics the repealing interpretation aiming to recover surreptitiously the concept of equivalence and the introduction of a objective justification for the legitimate performance of the horizontal ius variandi.

author(s): Pisani, Carlo
keyword(s): working paper , Italy
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