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Il contratto di apprendistato nel D.lgs. 81/2015

WP C.S.D.L.E. “Massimo D’Antona”.IT – 286/2015

Il contributo è stato sottoposto a peer-review anonima da un revisore selezionato dalla Direzione della collana. Ricevuto il 15/10/2015; accettato il 29/12/2015; pubblicato il 30/12/2015.

Il presente Paper, seppur frutto di una riflessione comune sulla materia, va attribuito per i §§ 1 e 7 a Lilli Carollo, per il § 2 a Iuliia Ryzha, per il § 3 a Maria Antonietta Carbone, per il §4 a Daniela Fargnoli, per il §5 a Claudia Serrapica e per il § 6 a Silvia Donà.

Part III of the Legislative Decree 15 June 2015, n. 81 is dedicated to the apprenticeship contract,, and repealing Legislative Decree no. 167 of 2011. This paper has an introduction of new points of reform of the apprenticeship contract that remains, according to a scheme already proven for over a decade, divided into categories, depending on the purpose of the training that each pursues, but with a connotation of employment is not insignificant. It then offers the reader an analysis of the legislation and, after taking into account the European routes (§ 2), the areas of general discipline and common application (§ 3), will analyze the different types of training (§§4 , 5,6), highlighting early on the close connection between two of the three types of apprenticeship to the paths of the education system and their revival by the legislature, than, the apprenticeship "professionalizzante".The evaluation and the impact of this latest reform require the right time to observe trends in apprenticeship recruitment, especially for those types less used today and the subject of comment in §§ 4 and 6, but also those on which the Legislature has invested more in terms of change, rationalization and support. The hope is that the benefits of regulation and incentives "dual" apprenticeship provide more youth employment levels in our country.

author(s): Carbone, Maria Antonietta - Carollo, Lilli - Donà, Silvia - Fargnoli, Daniela - Ryzha, Iuliia – Serrapica, Claudia
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