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Il rapporto lavoro con elementi di internazionalità

WP C.S.D.L.E. "Massimo D'Antona" .IT - 137/2012

Il presente contributo è destinato al Trattato di diritto del lavoro (diretto da M. Persioni e F. Carinci), Cedam, Padova, vol. VII, I contratti di lavoro speciali e i rapporti di lavoro tra autonomia e subordinazione (a cura di M. Miscione), di prossima pubblicazione.

The essay deals with the system of rules regulating the choice of law applicable to employment contracts in the Italian legal order. Rome I Regulation, replacing 1980 Rome Convention, introduced few significant news on the rules about conflicts of law, which the European Court of Justice already stated in its case law. Just two recent judgements of the ECJ gave important clarifications on relevant aspects of the criteria for selecting the law applicable, underling the founding logic of them. The rules regulating posting of workers in the framework of a transnational provision of services affect such a system of international private law. The analysis of the law on this matter is particularly complex because the Italian statute implementing 96/71/EC Directive does not correctly follow its provisions.  The final part of the article is dedicated to the peculiar Italian law on the conditions of employment of national workers employed in third country. Dealing with the special rules laid down by the 1987 Italian lw, problems of coherence with the whole international law system above mentioned are highlighted. 

author(s): Orlandini, Giovanni
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