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Il sindacato confederale: un centauro del terzo millennio

WP C.S.D.L.E. “Massimo D’Antona”.IT – 208/2014

Testo rivisto e aggiornato dell'intervento dell'A. al Convegno Una nuova Costituzione per il sistema di relazioni sindacali?, Napoli, 28-29 novembre 2013.

This paper emphasizes the important role of the Italian federal trade unions confirmed in the Constitution, in the judgments of the constitutional court and in the industrial relations system. The A. points out the recent contractual process that led, in the recent years, to the signature of General collective agreements on the discipline of trade unions’ representation in the workplace. The A. believes that the possibility of a heteronomous intervention in the field of representation couldn’t be fully realized without a general trade unions consensus on the subjects of a legislative reform. Otherwise, the paper deals with the necessity of a new deepest interaction between legislative intervention and national collective agreements, especially in the field of delegate legislation and minimum wages.
At last, the A. assume that the national federal trade unions could play a relevant rule to enforce worker’s right also in the European legal order and institution, trough their involvement in the European trade union confederation (ETUC).

author(s): Bellavista, Alessandro
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