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Labour law and social policies: an agenda for transnational research

WP C.S.D.L.E. “Massimo D’Antona”.INT – 128/2016

Already published by the OIL at the end of the International Society for Labour and Social Security Law 21st World Congress Cape Town, 15-18 september 2015.


The paper draws from the debate promoted at the World congress of the International society for labor and social security law(ISLSSL) held in Capetown on September 2015. It raises some basic issues for the future of labor law are raised and suggests guidelines for international research aimed at investigating possible answers. Major themes are the following:

The possible responses of labor law to the new forms of employment ,formal and informal: selection of rules and the role of basic standards; the trend to move from protection in the individual employment contract to dynamic security and active policies in the labor market; the need to recalibrate welfare measures as social investments useful for human development and sustainable growth; the role of multinational enterprises and of international trade agreements for the promotion of experiments in transnational regulation of employment.

On these issues the paper presents the outlines of research for seven groups of scholars approved by the society in Capetown, open to international participation and now operating.

author(s): Treu, Tiziano
Creative Commons License