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Parità di trattamento e principio di non discriminazione nell’ordinamento integrato

WP C.S.D.L.E. “Massimo D’Antona”.INT – 127/2016

ll contributo è stato sottoposto a peer-review anonima da un revisore selezionato dalla Direzione della collana. Ricevuto il 15/06/2016; accettato l’11/07/2016; pubblicato il 13/07/2016.

The essay focuses on topic of non discrimination principle in EU and national law. It analyzes the internal transposition of the EU directives on the subject of discrimination and the compliance with the principle of the primacy of EU law and the duty of consistent interpretation attributed to national judges, with special regard to age discrimination, moving from Kukukdeveci to Dansk Industri judgment. The Author examines the principle of equality as “mainstreaming” in EU law and as the cornerstone for the safeguard of European values and guarantee of national and supranational fundamental rights. The paper deals with the principle of non discrimination as the leading idea for the creation of a jus commune and the magnifying glass through each new national legislative tool has to be evaluated. Subsequently the paper focuses on discrimination cases of the Italian labor Courts and points, in general, the Jobs Act and the discriminatory dismissals to the light of the European Charter on Fundamental Rights, the principle of dissuasiveness for the victims of employment discrimination and the full realization of the deterrent effect of damage in the Italian law system, ending with the analysis of the compensation for non discrimination violations.

author(s): Piccone, Valeria
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