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The Working Papers Collection of the Centre for the Study of  European Labour Law "MASSIMO D'ANTONA" aims to constitute a forum for discussion open to the national and the international scientific community. Through this channel, the Study Centre "MASSIMO D'ANTONA" intends to give interested authors the possibility to disseminate the results of their research in the fastest and widest way.


The editorial initiative will deal with European social integration, including studies on EU social law and  policy, comparative analysis on labour law, industrial relations, labour market and social protection systems as well as research on national law issues influenced by EU law.



Editor in chief:


Bruno Caruso, University of Catania


Editorial board 


Anna Alaimo, University of Catania

Edoardo Ales, University of Cassino

Marzia Barbera, University of Brescia

Bruno Caruso, University of Catania

Filip Dorssemont , University of Louvain La Neuve

Maximilian Fuchs, University of Ingolstadt

Stefano Giubboni, University of Perugia

Nicola Kountouris, University College London

Antonio Lo Faro, University of Catania

Julia López López, University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona

Jonas Malmberg, University of Uppsala

Giancarlo Ricci, University of Catania

Silvana Sciarra, University of Firenze



In 2012/2014 the contributions written by the following Authors have been positively subjected to peer review: Arianna Avondola - Azzurra De Salvia - Ombretta Dessì - Fabrizio Ferraro - Raffaello Santagata - Ester Villa.
Five other contributions have been rejected after first review or second consideration.
The referees have been: Anna Alaimo, Edoardo Ales, Marzia Barbera, Nicola Countouris, Stefano Giubboni, Antonio Lo Faro, Giovanni Raiti, Giancarlo Ricci

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