Promoting the health and safety of migrant workers. Different disciplines, a shared objective

WP C.S.D.L.E. "Massimo D'Antona" Collective Volumes - 9/2020

An Italian version is published in L. Calafà, S. Iavicoli and B. Persechino (eds), Lavoro insicuro. Salute, sicurezza e tutele sociali dei lavoratori immigrati in agricoltura, Bologna, Il Mulino 2020.

The contributions have been elaborated within the scope of the Livingstone Project. The first one (The health, safety and associated rights of migrant workers in international and european human rights law by Stefano Angeleri), explores the normative inputs (of hard and soft law) that international and European human rights law can offer to help states realise the rights of migrant workers in the areas of occupational health and associated socio-economic rights. While the judgments, decisions and statements of human rights bodies reflect their respective mandate-related enabling and constraining factors, this paper sheds light on structural and substantive state duties and recommendations that should be considered by domestic powers when determining their actions concerning the socio-institutional vulnerabilities of migrant workers. The second one (Developing an interdisciplinary approachto the health and safety of migrant workers by Laura Calafà and Venera Protopapa) focuses on migrant workers’ health and the relation between health and the law through interdisciplinary dialogue, involving the fields of health studies, medicine and law. It employs the concept of the ‘social determinants of health’ to reflect on the effects of immigration law on the health outcomes of migrant workers and presents an example of how labour protections can be used as a redress mechanism. Finally, it explores the scope of the international right to health and its potential for supporting reform objectives concerning both immigration and labour law.

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Angeleri, Stefano – Calafà, Laura – Protopapa, Venera