Lun, 19/02/2024
Lun, 19/02/2024
Regulating New Surveillance Technologies at Work. A Human Computer Interaction Approach
online only h. 17

University of Groningen

During this seminar, Sandy Gould (University of Cardiff) will illustrate how workplace surveillance is advancing with virtual and physical sensors using machine intelligence. Critics often link these systems to the history of Scientific Management critiques. He will show how, instead, such understandings of today's technology overlook crucial changes in workplace measurement. Building on Sandy Gould's, Michele Molè (University of Groningen) will outline the legal challenges in the EU to protect workers' privacy and fundamental rights. The AI Safety Initiative Groningen will moderate the Q&A.

Bios: Sandy Gould is Senior Lecturer at the School of Computer Science and Informatics at Cardiff University. His research generally focuses on technology in the workplace, but he has worked on a number of human-centred computing topics including interruptions, multitasking and interruptionsm, emoji and interaction design.

Michele Molè is a PhD candidate at the University of Groningen Law Faculty. His research focuses on the regulation of workplace surveillance and new technologies in the EU.

Joint talk with STeP research group and panoptiwork.eu