Call for papers "Protecting the Labour rights of Migrant workers and refugees"
deadline before January 31, 2023

Global Labour Rights Reporter
Volume III, Issue I (March 2023)
Call for Papers


The ILAW Network is preparing to publish the next issue of its journal – the Global Labour Rights Reporter (GLRR). The previous three issues are available on our website here (note: The fourth issue, on the ILO, has been delayed due to the time taken to organize and carry out the ILAW conference but will be published shortly). The GLRR is a forum primarily for labour and employment law practitioners, including ILAW Network members, to grapple with the legal and practical issues that directly affect workers and their organizations today. The GLRR is available in English, Spanish and French.

Each issue of the journal is organized thematically and is meant to highlight trends in law and notable cases and judicial opinions, as well as analytical pieces that examine strategies for the effective promotion and defense of the rights of all workers. For the next issue of the GLRR, the Editorial Board has chosen the theme of “Protecting the Labour Rights of Migrant Workers and Refugees”.

Please email all submissions to Natalie Tate at on or before January 31, 2023, with a subject line of “ILAW Journal Submission, Volume III, Issue I”