Call for abstract "Legal issues for a Sustainable agrifood chain"
deadline 15 March 2024

The Food Law Academic Network (FLAN) has been established with the goal to foster the debate on Food law issues.

The second “Food Law Academic Network Conference” will be held in Italy, on 15-17 May 2024 at the University of Bari, on the topic:
“Legal issues for a Sustainable agrifood chain”

Around this theme, we aim to explore the policy dynamics and the relationship between the actors involved in the agrifood chains as players implementing the different aspects of sustainability; analyse key issues related to the "sustainable food system” defined as a comprehensive concept by the EU Commission; identify legal models, best practices and case studies related to sustainability issues; finally, present a perspective of policy and legal schemes aimed at identifying a sustainability paradigm for this sector.

The Opening session of the Conference (15th May 2024) initiates the discussion about the definition of a legal concept of sustainability in the light of the “food system” as outlined by the Farm to Fork document as well as the possible outcomes of the Sustainability Regulative Framework in the European Union.

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