Appunti su linguaggio, complessità e comprensibilità del lavoro 4.0: verso una nuova procedimentalizzazione dei poteri datoriali
WP C.S.D.L.E. “Massimo D’Antona”.IT – 462/2022

Il presente saggio è pubblicato anche sul numero monografico della rivista IANUS Diritto e Finanza, n. 24/2021

The essay reflects on how the linguistic and communicative dimension plays a profoundly different role in the different workplaces morphologically transformed by technology. The complexity is such that labor law is called upon to make the effort to be able to read in the communication processes that characterize today's employment relationships a plurality of registers and "language games" which, depending on the case, require interventions to enhance and promotion of the communication processes themselves, where functional to develop and enable capability; or "corrective" interventions aimed at correcting the increasingly significant information asymmetries, but also at stimulating transparency in communication, as a condition for maintaining a social bond even in the workplaces governed by algorithmic management, and above all as a vehicle to allow forms control of the exercise of dehumanized employer powers, potentially damaging to the dignity of the person and his rights as a worker.

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Zappalà, Loredana