Massimo D’Antona e l’idea di soggetto nel diritto del lavoro
WP C.S.D.L.E. “Massimo D’Antona”.IT – 464/2023

Di prossima pubblicazione in: G. Mari e A. Fermani, T. Faitini, F. Ammannati, S. Brogi, F. Seghezzi, A. Tonarelli (a cura), Idee di lavoro e di ozio per la nostra civiltà, Firenze, Firenze U. P. 2023 (in corso di stampa)

The essay - intended, as an item for an encyclopaedic book - constitutes a reflection/dialogue with Massimo D'Antona's ideas on the topic “labour law and the subject” ”, starting from the reflections of the great jurist - presented in three essays published in the last century - on individual autonomy and the contract. After having retraced and analysed D'Antona's path, noting the originality and the “predictive” nature of his theses, the author tries to dialogue with D'Antona on the current perspectives of the subject and the centrality of the person in labour law.
The Author proposes some hypotheses on “the subject of labour law”, which today should be declined in the plural, including not only the employee but workers in all "forms" (art. 35 of the Constitution) and among these also the entrepreneur. Regarding the company and its law, the Author hopes for a dialogue with labour law and a regulatory integration between the two regulatory systems under the emblem of the sustainability paradigm.

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Caruso, Bruno